Dutch Petroleum Company Ltd. (DutchPetrol) is specialized in  trading of petroleum products  such as gas oil, gasoline, fuel oil, crude oil, base oil, bitumen, lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas within West Africa, as well as shipping and bunkering in partnership with trusted counterparts in the UAE, Russian Federation and Southeast Asia.

We respect relationships above all. Our relationship starts with friendships. The foundation of all our businesses is a harmonious affinity with our counter-parties and facilitators, who aid to achieve the success of transactions.

Price volatility is a characteristic of the Petroleum Industry that can ruin an oil trader’s position overnight. To mitigate this risk, DutchPetrol  has established a risk management system that covers our position at any given time.


We are a mid-stream petroleum trading company. We endeavour to offer pure energy solutions that meet international standards, and are committed to professional business ethics to ensure trust and loyalty of our clients. Our future goal is to expand our business networks globally and become one of the key Oil and Gas traders internationally.


DutchPetrol distributes petroleum products, including Gas Oil, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, LNG, LPG, Base Oil, Bitumen and Lubricants.


DutchPetrol has an unrivalled reputation for providing high quality consultancy services in energy, environmental protection, petroleum commodity trade and investments. With reputable partners across Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa, we provide energy planning and infrastructure development, as well as expert advice and project management support that span across the petroleum industry.


“We owe our success to the talented pool of professionals who have tirelessly worked to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of products and services. We are pleased to offer end-to-end consultancy, ranging from planning, supply, construction and designing, to developing energy solutions in Africa. Taking advantage of the geographical synergies provided by our location in Ghana, we look forward to consolidating our position as a major energy provider in the West African regional market, and plan to provide services of value to our customers, while expanding our reach into newer markets. We are confident in our competent team to achieve our goals.”

“Innovation is key in our continuously evolving market.”

– J. B. DODDU –
Managing Director | DutchPetrol


DutchPetrol Business Relationships

We maintain consistent business relationships with our valuable clientele. Strong relationships based on trust coupled with excellent professional delivery of products and services are the core values of our business.